Human Error: Convertkit, Active Campaign, and Hacking

Author: Gideon

Date: August 11, 2016

Website creation is a popular activity on the web. As a lot more people find the many possibilities of having their very own web site, more of those pages are being created on the web. It’s necessary that an internet site is created in more than merely a manner that’s attractive to visitors. There are various people who really spend a lot of their time hacking numerous web sites online. Web site hackers use several types of computer programming languages so as to break the security on web sites on the web. The most famous computer programming language that may be invaded is which uses XXS.

That’s a cross scripting kind of computer language that’s normally used to cross sites. When creating your on-line website, it is necessary that you ensure that all fields along with other areas of the web site are properly shielded from the prospective hacker. Many web site owners possess a special region on their site where they try to collect personal information from the visitors. This might include gathering an e-mail address, an address, along with other types of information. It’s essential that this part of the web site is properly protected from hackers. Not only can this kind of hacking jeopardize your web site, however it may also jeopardize the personal info that your visitors enter on the web site.

It’s essential for you to ensure that this part of the site is properly encrypted by HTML. Many web site hackers participate in a practice which is generally referred to as Google Hacking. People who use this kind of hacking frequently attempt to discover details about a certain web site that’s listed on Google by looking for info that’s typically considered to be unauthorized. They’ll attempt to retrieve info that pertains to the following tools which are frequently utilized by web site owners. This info, when in the wrong hands, can in fact jeopardize your website. Numerous kinds of files which are listed on the website.

Many web site owners create their web site so that they can access the info across many platforms. This could prove to be a danger with regards to web site hackers. Through the use of Google hacking techniques, the pages which are on the website may be readily hacked since the pages are often accessible for editing functions. If a hacker accesses this info, they may do practically anything to your web site pages. This is particularly true if the hacker places info on your web site that may hurt your reputation.

One of the best ways to protect against this is to use the right software on your website. If you are a marketer, for example, you want to be sure that you are using marketing automation software to its full advantage. There is no point in investing in an expensive piece of software only to find that you aren’t able to use it for one reason or another.

For example, we were running Convertkit for a period of time in order to send email newsletters to readers of this website. However, we discovered a vulnerability that might be hard for you to believe- an incorrectly stored password. That’s right. For all the protections that Convertkit has built into it, we ended up making the simple mistake of storing a password in plain text. Duh!

Of course, that’s not the only mistake we made. The other big one was being on Convertkit when really we would have been better suited to using Active Campaign. We love Active Campaign’s form builder and really should have been using it this whole time. What ended up selling us on the software however, was that it allows for automation that fit our needs perfectly. Once we discovered exactly how much we could automate there was no looking back!


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