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Author: Gideon

Date: September 25, 2020

What is Darkode?

We are a company that specializes in ethical hacking to ensure you get to know the gaps in the network systems that may cause harm to your operations.

What is ethical hacking?

It is a structured way of bypassing digital security measures to understand security gaps.

Is ethical hacking legal?

There is a reason we have the term “ethical” comes before the word hacking. Generally, hacking is illegal, but ethical hacking is legal, for it’s more of a security research operation to identify a problem in the system?

Can we hire your services to identify a security breach in our company? Ethical hacking is our business.

You never know how tight or loose your security apparatus are unless you involve the experts in the operation?

How can I Prevent hackers from accessing my network?

Hackers mutate every day. Take note; these are not the dirty things that are poorly dressed and use knives to rob you.

These are well-dressed, learned, and professional individuals who know all the security devices available in the market.

Therefore, the first thing to prevent hackers is to go ahead of them and get experts who can manage system hackings.

All said and done, here are a few things you can do to keep hackers at bay

  • Use valuable and trusted security systems in your networks
  • Invest in digital experts to act as resident security personnel
  • Run ethical hacking activities to get loopholes that hackers may use
  • Avoid public WI-FIS when accessing our network
  • Keep personal information confidential
  • Use authentication tools when handling messaging platforms
  • Have two-step to verification to enhance security

What is your advice on ethical hackings for business start-ups?

There is no business level when it comes t ethical hacking.

Do it to ensure as you grow and understand how the security system operates.

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