Ethical Hacking studies: Does e-Cigar a Factor of Climate Change?

Author: Gideon

Date: May 28, 2020

The dangers that accompany smoking cannot be undermined in any form, it’ a well-known fact that smoking causes a lot of deaths yearly ranging over 480,000 in the United States alone. Premature deaths have also been attributed to smoking as it’s highly addictive and smokers tend not to be responsible for the use of these products. Respiratory diseases like lung infections, bronchitis, and even lung cancer are part of the negative effects of smoking with numerous health risks attached, one cannot buy this product as highly harmful and dangerous to health and the environment in its entirety.

The danger attached to this product left a lot of smokers worried and this brought about the invention of another product known as E-cigar which stands as a substitute for direct smokers. E-cigar is so named because it is an electronic device which was manufactured to give the same desirous attribute of a cigarette without its negative effects. It was first manufactured in the early 1930s by a man named Joseph Robinson but was not sold to the public. The purpose of the E-cigarettes was to reduce with a huge significance the negative effects of smoking. They have proven to be less deadly than conventional cigarettes which increase the chances of having a stroke, asthma, and the most commonly known lung cancer.

When a conventional cigarette is lit, it emits poisonous and noxious gases like carbon monoxide CO and hydrogen cyanide HCN which are very dangerous gases when exposed to the environment. The most dangerous to the smoker is the tar being within the cigarette, it’s highly carcinogenic. This has a very negative impact on the environment causing a lot of environmental hazards and issues. This makes the E-cigar distinctive in its features when compared to the conventional cigarette, it doesn’t produce tar which is regarded as carcinogenic and also contains e-liquid composed of flavors being dissolved in glycerol solution and nicotine.

This doesn’t have to pose a general health risk and hazard to the environment, although it’s being found to have some negative impact on the intense users. The contents of e-cigars include nicotine which can be quite harmful when consumed without caution. From research, it was found that high exposure to nicotine may develop into an insulin resistance immune system which can usher in diabetes. This mostly is a downside because nicotine happens to be a very addictive substance that creates a very demanding appetite of itself, an adherence to this desire might harm other like the heart, high exposure to nicotine is also found to increase the heart rate and pulse. It also affects the brain if not properly monitored.

The existence of E-cigars has significantly reduced the extent of pollution which the conventional cigar generates. From the production process of cigarettes to consumption, the quantity of pollution generated is enormous not forgetting the numerous amount of heavy chemicals and chemical additives being used When a conventional cigarette is lit, over 7,000 chemical components are released into the environment, a substitute for this pollution prone product can definitely be regarded as a relief for the environment. Visit store and check e-cigar to know more.

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