We provide tips and advice to avoid
hacking of sensitive information.


Digital technology is a saviour for the current generation. Everything is done at the tips of one’s fingers, if not comfortable.

You can pay a bill, track your shipment on the high seas, you can communicate irrespective of the distance and even make payments across an online payment service.

With the joys of technology, the million-dollar question is how safe your information on the internet is. Now the Know Your Customer (KYC) rule is about the details.

How can you ensure safety such that it doesn’t land n the wrong hands, which may cause you losses? The social media craze is a blessing in disguise; people tend to trust online friends than physical friends. How sure are you with their intentions?

Moreover, can you authenticate their honesty or they hide behind the keyboards? It isn’t easy to know their mission in your inboxes.

 Prevention is your saviour. The only way to stay safe online is to identify and have technological know-how of the dirty tricks they play online, including social media.

With such information, you can detect, monitor and quarantine unwanted threats in your system.


To educate, empower and equip the public with the latest security systems, tips and trips never to fall into their insecurity trap.


We want to be a leading company that provides reliable information on what to do to prevent hacking. Our focus is to be a number one anti-hacking advice such that our readers trust us with information.

Information is power; once you have it at your fingertips, you can easily detect any malicious activity on your system for prompt action.

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