Why Hackers Don’t Need Flashlights

Indeed hackers do not need flashlights since their system of operation and that of a flashlight are parallel. A flashlight is a physical security measure while a hacker is a security threat to a computer network. Who is a hacker? A hacker is a clever programmer who gets into a computer network with a poor defense mechanism. A flashlight is a hand-held device to provide a lighting unit at any point.

What are the variables in a hacker missing in a flashlight?

A hacker is an expert in programming skills, which he uses to design counter applications with different codes to access a network with less strong anti-viruses. A network with poor security protection is easily accessible through the theft of the IP address, which allows the hacker to have access to all the systems of the company and then uses it to make changes based on the objective of the hacker. On the other hand, a flashlight is a simple tool that can be used even with toddlers as long they know how to switch on and switch off the device, you do not need any skill to operate a flashlight, like Surefire 6PX flashlight which stands out from others.

Flashlight offers light to physical locations. In other words, it is a practical tool to provide lighting solutions, in areas where you require additional lighting system. A hacker operates remotely on his computer as he studies the operations of a network to get a weak security point. This is the entry point to the servers of the network, which he uses to manipulate data and communication at will. Once a hacker identifies a weak point, he designs a program to counter the main program installed in the system such that the original owners have no permission to access the network anymore.

Hacking is a criminal offense that leads to a jail term or hefty fines calculated by the level of damage he may cause. Some of the damages are irreversible. Remember the case of Hillary Clinton, where a hacker accessed her Email and shared with the opponent Donald Trump, some of the reasons she may have lost the elections due to trust and honesty issues. Using a flashlight is a basic right and you do not need any permission to operate the portable device. At the same time, you openly use it without fear of state authorities looking for you, but a hacker has to stay in a secluded place and operate in secrecy because of the criminal activities associated with their actions.

Hackers use a computer powered by electricity for them to create a counter program to feed to the system and have control over it. He may have the brains but without the computer, the work is futile. You do not need a third party device to operate a flashlight; your hands are enough to operate a flashlight.

Surely, hackers do not need flashlights because he deals with the software part of a computer, which does not require physical tools to run their operations. At the same time, the two are an extreme phenomenon with no relation.



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