Paint Sprayer Hacks

Painting is an art to perfect your artistic skills. If you do not follow the right procedure, the overall result can be ugly. A well-painted surface is welcoming and depicts a serious environment compared to a poorly painted surface. How then do you ensure you have a good paint? Here are some of the paint hacks to follow. These hacks are drawn from experts who provide practical advice using locally available materials.


Smoothen The Painting Brush by Dipping It In Vinegar

You can renew an old brush by smoothening the brushes. One great way to achieve this fully immerses the brush in vinegar. It straightens the sticks and gives then a smooth texture ideal for painting.

Use Tape and Paint Guard for Areas You Do Not Want to Paint

You may want to paint specific areas, or even make a pattern by painting different colors. Use a tape to cover the parts you do not want the paint to smear. The tape also helps to straighten the lines.

Use Fingernails to Move Latex Paint

Once latex paint had dried even on wooden surfaces, use your fingernails to scratch them off the surface.

Use a Paint Edger for Corners

Smear paint on the edge to paint corners and tight areas like behind the cupboards and furniture.

Use a Paintbrush Comb to Clean Brushes

A paintbrush comb costs averagely $4, it removes all the stubborn stains between brisk and leaves the paintbrush clean and new.

Paint Holes by Drilling

Holes can be difficult to clean, hammer a nail to widen the hole such that the depression is easy to fill paint on it.

Scrub the Walls to Remove Dirt Before Painting

To avoid depressions and rough surface after painting, scoffer the wall surface using sandpaper to level the wall before you start painting

Use Aluminum Foil or Plastic Paper Bag on Paint Tray

To reuse the paint tray, line it with aluminum foil or plastic bag to minimize contact of paint and the tray for later usage.

Use Nails to Support the Table and Chair While Painting

Screw a nail to allow you paint the lower parts of the table and chair. This will also minimize contact between the paint and the floor surface. You can also place newspapers on the floor before you paint furniture.

Support Heavy Furniture with Bed Risers

Just like the nail for light furniture, use raisers for heavy furniture.

Remove Paint Stains from Furniture Using a Heat Gun

High temperatures melt oil paint, instead of scratching your furniture to remove paint. Use a heat gun to melt the paint out then wipe with a wet canvas cloth.

Apply Vaseline to Prevent Areas You Do Not Want to Paint

Paint cannot sick in an oily surface. Vaseline is oily and does not absorb paint.

These hacks are the basic principles in handling paint. Paint stains can be difficult to get rid of. Apply the following hacks for a smooth painting task before using belt sanders to finish on your walls, here are some belt sanders to choose from.

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