Ping Pong table Hacks

darkodePing Pong is a physically intensive game, which requires coordination between the ball and the score registration. The main challenge is to register all the scores. Keeping an eye on the game and manually registering score has proved a great challenge. Manufacturers have designed modern Ping Pong tables with inbuilt scoreboard and display board for electronic display. The first step is to register the face of the players and take a position and use the best quality of racket. The automated system is such that once you register the face it tallies with the player.

The science behind the automatic scoreboard

The system runs on three platforms scoreboard, monitor, and automatic player recognition. Once the player scores he taps a button at the bottom of the table, a sound is transmitted to the scoreboard, which then records the win. The main purpose of the sound is to alert an entry for the consent of all parties to avoid double entries. Once the first players register a 21 mark score, the game ends. The board congratulates the winner with a display of the scores and the name. During the game, the scoreboard provides the position of the ball at any particular time. The butts have a button, which remotely connects it to the scoreboard.

Player recognition

A player has a butt, which has a RFID card slot. In the slot, a glass tag in inserted and uses Wi-Fi connection to read on the RFID reader at the bottom of the table. The RFID reader is connected to numerous LEDs to allow conversion of the codes to the live scoreboard.

Live scoreboard

The live scoreboard displays the progress of the game. It shows scores of each player and his position. The integration between the RFID readers and LEDs with different modules to acts as servers allows an automatic record of a win through the player registration details. Once a player scores he presses a button at the bottom of the table with the back of the butt which has the glass tags. This then sends a signal to the RIFD system for transmission to the scoreboard. The output is the audio playback and the soft copy appearance on the monitor.

Maintaining score

At the opposite edges of the table, there is a touch sensor, which only recognizes the butt with the glass tag. The system uses a 2500mAH power battery, which can sustain a game without any power interruptions. It also alerts the players the level of battery power to avoid disappointments during the game. There is a backup in case the battery cannot sustain the game to the end.

Ping Pong lovers can enjoy the game while allowing the system to register scores and give them a final tally. The input processing and output system is the best application for players who just want to play and avoid the headache of calculating scores. The comprehensive results also indicate areas of weakness in terms of ball connection and the time taken for the entire game. Manufacturers are looking for a simpler version since the current system is bulky and requires some level of expertise to use.





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