Social Media Hacks to Spread the Love of Coffee


With our new digital era, but still with an undying love for coffee, what is a better way than to use social media to spread the word about your coffee shop? Is it enough to keep a good brand of coffee maker like Prima Donna Espresso maker? Of course, No!

For small coffee shop owners, it may not sound significant for the growth of your business. But to be honest, there are more potential customers online than in your locality. So if I were you, read these effective social media hacks to spread the love of coffee (and your shop). []


  1. Talk to your customers by asking questions. Why hassle yourself constantly handing out survey sheets to your customers, only to be used as a substitute for a tissue paper to wipe their spilled coffee, when you can ask the same questions on Facebook or Twitter? You don’t have to always “hope for the best” every time you change your pastries because you can now ask your customers if they like it or not.
  2. Focus on their responses and give feedbacks. Sure, you’ve asked the right kind of questions, but you shouldn’t forget to analyze their answers. With a high response rate for the questions and responses, it will also lead to a positive effect for your shop’s customer service.
  3. Engage with your customers through a user generated content. The ideal and most reliable stories come from your customers, and you can use them to promote your coffee shop on social media. You can make contests and promotions where you give prizes related to your store such as a bag of beans, or a set of 6 mugs with your label on it, something that coffee drinkers must have.


Flooding your customers’ news feeds with your latest products is not the proper way to get a positive attention. It’s basically annoying, and you don’t want to lose customers by pushing the wrong buttons. A pull strategy will make sure that you aren’t just selling your product, but you’re also compelling them to buy it.

The strategy includes customer engagements, researching on how to gain followers, and advertising your products at a low frequency. The social media is NOT your coffee shop.


As soon as an individual access your pages, they already have their own opinion. Like your coffee shop, your page should have an appeal visual graphics that are eye catching. You can also regularly change its appearance according to holidays, celebrations, and etc.


If you’re planning to hold an online contest, one of the websites that we recommend is Wishpond. The website offers marketing tools for an easy and convenient construction and maintenance of contests and promotions on websites besides Facebook and Twitter. Whether your coffee shop is small or big, you should never miss this opportunity of benefiting from a simple contest.

There are many types of contests and promotions you can think of. Some of the most common among coffee shops and popular among customers are photo contests, vote contests, and exclusive offers.


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