Hacks to Make Your Pet Internet-Famous


Like human beings, for a pet to be famous on the Internet doesn’t just happen overnight. Here are some great ways to make your pet internet-famous. It may take a while, but it will work.

Make an Independent Account for Your Pet

On Instagram alone, a lot of famous pets were from the posts of their owner’s profile. However, these pet owners do not know that not all people are as excited about you constantly posting photos or videos of your pet. So to prevent from getting more dislikes instead of likes, create a separate account for him or her. You might not know, your pet can be 50x more popular than you are. People make these separate accounts so their followers will exactly know what they expect. Arguably, there are more users who prefer the furry versions compared to the redundant human equivalent.

Make Your Pet Stand Out From the Crowd

Each our pet is unique, this is why it is not difficult for us to love them. But, how do we make other people love your pet as well? I’m telling you, it is definitely difficult.

For example, you own a dog that can sit still while you take a hundred of photos of him. You could think that it’s amazing that your dog can do that. But as you browse Instagram photos of dogs, you’ll see that they can do it as well. Worse, they can do better than your dog. Being unique is more than just being able to sit still for a photo. You can see that most of the famous dogs have unique abilities, such as balancing more than 2 tempting delicious goodies on their head, dancing to the latest songs, and say “I love you.” There are also dog Videos that can make your day.

Capture Clear, Quality Photos of Your Pet

You may say “, Oh, that’s easy!” but it’s not. There are literally thousands of blurry and pixilated photos floating in the clouds of the Internet. The more frequent you take photos in the natural daylight, the better. There are people who prefer taking photos of their pets after a tiring playtime session. Some take photos while playing, where they’re active and happy. Pet owners want to relate to your posts. Don’t just take a miserable photo of your dog sitting down, the moment can be as cute as your dog cuddling with your pet cat.

Keeping your pets  healthy

Of course, We need to make sure that they are always healthy and not just focusing how to make them famous. A pet that is healthy and happy will be more famous because they are lively and active. This also includes keeping your pets healthy; like providing them the proper nutrition by giving vitamins like glucosamine chondroitin supplements

Knowing the right food to give them

The next thing to do is to know what kind of food is the best for them. I know, I have mentioned being healthy above. But come to think of it, How can you keep your dog healthy if you are not sure what kind of food will you give them. Can they eat anything? Of course, the answer is no. Like a human, they do have their own kind of healthy food. So better start asking yourself, Is it okay feeding your dog cinnamon or cashew?

Make Sure Your Pet is Always Having Fun

The most typical tip of pet owners who have online accounts of their pets is to make sure that your pet is having fun and being kept safe all the time. Your cat, dog, rabbit, turtle or whatever kind of pet you have should not suffer for popularity. This means the things you use, and the places you go should be always friendly. DO NOT capture photos of your pet in dangerous locations. And if you’re playing dress up with your pet, make sure he’s always comfortable with it. Added to that, your pet shouldn’t be uncomfortable with your camera’s flash, therefore make sure to avoid using it, and use natural light instead.


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