Ethical Hacking – Why should you do it ?

Every good company not only focuses on its strengths, but is also aware of all its weaknesses. The term ethical hacking is used to describe the practice performed by any company itself to identify any probable threats or potential breaches in their security system.

Ethical hackers use their skills to bypass the company’s computer system and try to break their defenses. However, unlike unethical hackers, they do not use the vulnerabilities found to their own benefit. Instead they document and report them to the organization they are working for and also advise the actions that can be taken to improve overall security and stop any oncoming threats. By determining and further eliminating any susceptibilities in a networks infrastructure, hardware, software or any operational and technical flaws, ethical hackers have become necessary for any high refuge organization. Their work includes permission to probe a company’s network to search for any security risks while respecting its privacy and closing out your work once it’s done without exploiting your findings in anyway.

The first recorded ethical hacking is back from the 1970’s, when the United States of America’s government decided to hire a group of hacking experts called the ‘red team’ to infiltrate their own systems. In more recent times, the hacking of Sony Networks online framework and releasing of 77 million customer records in 2011 was a huge wake up call for all multinational IT corporations to step up their game when it comes to security. Now a days, ethical hacker is seen as a derogatory word and computer security experts is preferred over it. Those interested in making ethical hacking a career choice can working towards a certification provided by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). The exam costs $500 to take and includes several version with multiple choice style questions. After succeeding one can become a certified ethical hacker (CEH) and can carry out several penetration tests for whatever organization chooses to hire them. If we look at USA’s statistics alone, the industry of ethical hacking represents approximately $4 billion and grows by 21% each year.

In the United Kingdom, the government launched a hacking challenge in 2011 to recruit and later select the most talented experts they could find in their country. They also pledged to spend 650 million pounds to strengthen their security. Even private businesses in the developed countries spend around $25billion yearly to keep up their defenses against cyber-attacks. One wonders why these countries are willing to spend so much on this. The concept is to beat the ‘evil’ hackers, if one may use the term, by playing their own game with them. Its point is to go through every possibility that a hacker may come up with and then to make your defenses according to that. Hacking is an art, and with the ever increasing technology it has become even more pronounced. It is for this reason that there is now a thriving industry, completely based around the concept of ethical thinking.

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Why Hackers Don’t Need Flashlights

Indeed hackers do not need flashlights since their system of operation and that of a flashlight are parallel. A flashlight is a physical security measure while a hacker is a security threat to a computer network. Who is a hacker? A hacker is a clever programmer who gets into a computer network with a poor defense mechanism. A flashlight is a hand-held device to provide a lighting unit at any point.

What are the variables in a hacker missing in a flashlight?

A hacker is an expert in programming skills, which he uses to design counter applications with different codes to access a network with less strong anti-viruses. A network with poor security protection is easily accessible through the theft of the IP address, which allows the hacker to have access to all the systems of the company and then uses it to make changes based on the objective of the hacker. On the other hand, a flashlight is a simple tool that can be used even with toddlers as long they know how to switch on and switch off the device, you do not need any skill to operate a flashlight, like Surefire 6PX flashlight which stands out from others.

Flashlight offers light to physical locations. In other words, it is a practical tool to provide lighting solutions, in areas where you require additional lighting system. A hacker operates remotely on his computer as he studies the operations of a network to get a weak security point. This is the entry point to the servers of the network, which he uses to manipulate data and communication at will. Once a hacker identifies a weak point, he designs a program to counter the main program installed in the system such that the original owners have no permission to access the network anymore.

Hacking is a criminal offense that leads to a jail term or hefty fines calculated by the level of damage he may cause. Some of the damages are irreversible. Remember the case of Hillary Clinton, where a hacker accessed her Email and shared with the opponent Donald Trump, some of the reasons she may have lost the elections due to trust and honesty issues. Using a flashlight is a basic right and you do not need any permission to operate the portable device. At the same time, you openly use it without fear of state authorities looking for you, but a hacker has to stay in a secluded place and operate in secrecy because of the criminal activities associated with their actions.

Hackers use a computer powered by electricity for them to create a counter program to feed to the system and have control over it. He may have the brains but without the computer, the work is futile. You do not need a third party device to operate a flashlight; your hands are enough to operate a flashlight.

Surely, hackers do not need flashlights because he deals with the software part of a computer, which does not require physical tools to run their operations. At the same time, the two are an extreme phenomenon with no relation.



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Solar Vacuum Hacks For Easier Work

Summers can get pretty hot. In the months of May, June, and July, the northern hemisphere of the Earth is tilted towards the Sun directly. As a result, more sunlight reaches places in the northern hemisphere such as the USA and Europe. This increases the temperature of these places. Some places, such as those in low-lying and low latitude areas, are more susceptible to feel the heat than other places. The increase in temperature can be very difficult to adjust to if you’re not used to it. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to beat the heat in the summer.

The most fun way to cool off would be by swimming in a pool. A swimming pool full of nice and cool water is always a joy to take a dip in. When cold water surrounds your body, it takes away as much of the heat as is possible under the laws of thermodynamics. The end result is that you get cooled down to the temperature of the pool. Let’s put aside the temperature difference for a second to appreciate how comfortable it is to be in the water. Floating in water is a novel feeling that can’t be compared to any other experience. It’s as if you weigh lesser and are being hugged by cool water from all sides. Other than that, even making splashes can be pretty fun.

There are a few ways to enjoy the experience of swimming in a pool. However, by far the best way is to have a pool in your own backyard. This is more convenient in terms of accessibility since you have the option to go for a dip in the pool whenever you desire. At the same time, it’s very flexible as well since there are no rules which you have to follow. You could very well step into the pool wearing all your clothes or none if you so desire. However, there are drawbacks to owning your own pool as well. The most inconvenient aspect of pool ownership traditionally has been with regards to cleaning the pool.

Cleaning a pool can prove to quite a laborsome affair. Thankfully, there are a number of machines that can aid in this endeavor and clean the pool automatically. These machines can be thought of as hacks in a way since they allow you clean a pool without exerting yourself as much. The problems associated with these machines is that they usually require being plugged into a power source or be charged up before they can be made to work. However, the advent of solar power pool cleaners has taken care of this issue as well. These machines work in the same way that other pool vacuums do with the critical difference being that they have solar panels fitted on top to be recharged by energy from the sun. Like any good quality pool vacuum, these too are good at collecting the debris floating in the pool like fallen leaves, flowers and insects. There a few hacks which you can make use of to improve the cleaning efficiency of the solar powered vacuum robot. By periodically cleaning out the debris holding area of the machine, you can make it easier for the machine to pick up the new unwanted matter. In addition, deploying it closer to where the majority of debris matter allows the machine to clean up most of the pool faster. More information regarding solar pool cleaners is available at

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Paint Sprayer Hacks

Painting is an art to perfect your artistic skills. If you do not follow the right procedure, the overall result can be ugly. A well-painted surface is welcoming and depicts a serious environment compared to a poorly painted surface. How then do you ensure you have a good paint? Here are some of the paint hacks to follow. These hacks are drawn from experts who provide practical advice using locally available materials.


Smoothen The Painting Brush by Dipping It In Vinegar

You can renew an old brush by smoothening the brushes. One great way to achieve this fully immerses the brush in vinegar. It straightens the sticks and gives then a smooth texture ideal for painting.

Use Tape and Paint Guard for Areas You Do Not Want to Paint

You may want to paint specific areas, or even make a pattern by painting different colors. Use a tape to cover the parts you do not want the paint to smear. The tape also helps to straighten the lines.

Use Fingernails to Move Latex Paint

Once latex paint had dried even on wooden surfaces, use your fingernails to scratch them off the surface.

Use a Paint Edger for Corners

Smear paint on the edge to paint corners and tight areas like behind the cupboards and furniture.

Use a Paintbrush Comb to Clean Brushes

A paintbrush comb costs averagely $4, it removes all the stubborn stains between brisk and leaves the paintbrush clean and new.

Paint Holes by Drilling

Holes can be difficult to clean, hammer a nail to widen the hole such that the depression is easy to fill paint on it.

Scrub the Walls to Remove Dirt Before Painting

To avoid depressions and rough surface after painting, scoffer the wall surface using sandpaper to level the wall before you start painting

Use Aluminum Foil or Plastic Paper Bag on Paint Tray

To reuse the paint tray, line it with aluminum foil or plastic bag to minimize contact of paint and the tray for later usage.

Use Nails to Support the Table and Chair While Painting

Screw a nail to allow you paint the lower parts of the table and chair. This will also minimize contact between the paint and the floor surface. You can also place newspapers on the floor before you paint furniture.

Support Heavy Furniture with Bed Risers

Just like the nail for light furniture, use raisers for heavy furniture.

Remove Paint Stains from Furniture Using a Heat Gun

High temperatures melt oil paint, instead of scratching your furniture to remove paint. Use a heat gun to melt the paint out then wipe with a wet canvas cloth.

Apply Vaseline to Prevent Areas You Do Not Want to Paint

Paint cannot sick in an oily surface. Vaseline is oily and does not absorb paint.

These hacks are the basic principles in handling paint. Paint stains can be difficult to get rid of. Apply the following hacks for a smooth painting task before using belt sanders to finish on your walls, here are some belt sanders to choose from.

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Ping Pong table Hacks

darkodePing Pong is a physically intensive game, which requires coordination between the ball and the score registration. The main challenge is to register all the scores. Keeping an eye on the game and manually registering score has proved a great challenge. Manufacturers have designed modern Ping Pong tables with inbuilt scoreboard and display board for electronic display. The first step is to register the face of the players and take a position and use the best quality of racket. The automated system is such that once you register the face it tallies with the player.

The science behind the automatic scoreboard

The system runs on three platforms scoreboard, monitor, and automatic player recognition. Once the player scores he taps a button at the bottom of the table, a sound is transmitted to the scoreboard, which then records the win. The main purpose of the sound is to alert an entry for the consent of all parties to avoid double entries. Once the first players register a 21 mark score, the game ends. The board congratulates the winner with a display of the scores and the name. During the game, the scoreboard provides the position of the ball at any particular time. The butts have a button, which remotely connects it to the scoreboard.

Player recognition

A player has a butt, which has a RFID card slot. In the slot, a glass tag in inserted and uses Wi-Fi connection to read on the RFID reader at the bottom of the table. The RFID reader is connected to numerous LEDs to allow conversion of the codes to the live scoreboard.

Live scoreboard

The live scoreboard displays the progress of the game. It shows scores of each player and his position. The integration between the RFID readers and LEDs with different modules to acts as servers allows an automatic record of a win through the player registration details. Once a player scores he presses a button at the bottom of the table with the back of the butt which has the glass tags. This then sends a signal to the RIFD system for transmission to the scoreboard. The output is the audio playback and the soft copy appearance on the monitor.

Maintaining score

At the opposite edges of the table, there is a touch sensor, which only recognizes the butt with the glass tag. The system uses a 2500mAH power battery, which can sustain a game without any power interruptions. It also alerts the players the level of battery power to avoid disappointments during the game. There is a backup in case the battery cannot sustain the game to the end.

Ping Pong lovers can enjoy the game while allowing the system to register scores and give them a final tally. The input processing and output system is the best application for players who just want to play and avoid the headache of calculating scores. The comprehensive results also indicate areas of weakness in terms of ball connection and the time taken for the entire game. Manufacturers are looking for a simpler version since the current system is bulky and requires some level of expertise to use.





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Social Media Hacks to Spread the Love of Coffee


With our new digital era, but still with an undying love for coffee, what is a better way than to use social media to spread the word about your coffee shop? Is it enough to keep a good brand of coffee maker like Prima Donna Espresso maker? Of course, No!

For small coffee shop owners, it may not sound significant for the growth of your business. But to be honest, there are more potential customers online than in your locality. So if I were you, read these effective social media hacks to spread the love of coffee (and your shop). []


  1. Talk to your customers by asking questions. Why hassle yourself constantly handing out survey sheets to your customers, only to be used as a substitute for a tissue paper to wipe their spilled coffee, when you can ask the same questions on Facebook or Twitter? You don’t have to always “hope for the best” every time you change your pastries because you can now ask your customers if they like it or not.
  2. Focus on their responses and give feedbacks. Sure, you’ve asked the right kind of questions, but you shouldn’t forget to analyze their answers. With a high response rate for the questions and responses, it will also lead to a positive effect for your shop’s customer service.
  3. Engage with your customers through a user generated content. The ideal and most reliable stories come from your customers, and you can use them to promote your coffee shop on social media. You can make contests and promotions where you give prizes related to your store such as a bag of beans, or a set of 6 mugs with your label on it, something that coffee drinkers must have.


Flooding your customers’ news feeds with your latest products is not the proper way to get a positive attention. It’s basically annoying, and you don’t want to lose customers by pushing the wrong buttons. A pull strategy will make sure that you aren’t just selling your product, but you’re also compelling them to buy it.

The strategy includes customer engagements, researching on how to gain followers, and advertising your products at a low frequency. The social media is NOT your coffee shop.


As soon as an individual access your pages, they already have their own opinion. Like your coffee shop, your page should have an appeal visual graphics that are eye catching. You can also regularly change its appearance according to holidays, celebrations, and etc.


If you’re planning to hold an online contest, one of the websites that we recommend is Wishpond. The website offers marketing tools for an easy and convenient construction and maintenance of contests and promotions on websites besides Facebook and Twitter. Whether your coffee shop is small or big, you should never miss this opportunity of benefiting from a simple contest.

There are many types of contests and promotions you can think of. Some of the most common among coffee shops and popular among customers are photo contests, vote contests, and exclusive offers.


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Tips on Making Your Ecommerce Website Safe from Cyber Attacks


With the invention and advancements of the internet, we can now simply buy what we want at a few clicks. And since your ecommerce website requires your customers to give out their personal data, it’s important to make sure it’s safe from any form of cyberattack. Making sure that your customers are satisfied is more than just telling them to “check smokers review before you order”. Also, making sure that they no longer wonder if electric smokers affect taste when they buy it, THEY MUST BE ALREADY SURE before clicking on order.(They can try checking and comparing smoker styles here) And lastly, you also have to ensure the safety of their personal data. Here are some great tips on how to keep your ecommerce website safe from cyberattacks!

Do not gather or keep your customer’s data —unless you really have to.

Obviously, cyber attackers and thieves can’t steal something that your website doesn’t have. Thus, avoid gathering or keeping any personal customer data through your ecommerce products which are not important to your business.

Most customers prefer paying through their credit cards, so most of the times you don’t have a choice but to accept that kind of payment. For credit card processing on your website, use an encrypted checkout tunnel to remove the necessity for your own servers to be able to see the credit card data of your customers. For them, it can be a little bit hassle, but it’s better than having their credit card compromised by hackers.

Integrate Your Ecommerce Website with VPN and other Protective Tools

Have you secured the device that you use to save your files and mostly work from? Prior to securing your e-commerce website, there are a few things that you should do first. First of all, your passwords should have a minimum of 10 characters, a combination of several characters, and that doesn’t have any word in the dictionary. A lot of website owners turn a blind eye on this step, but trust us, you’ll thank us in the end. Added to that, you should make a different e-mail account for your e-commerce website. It should be one of your main priorities when it comes to security since it will be the mother of all of your other accounts online. Lastly, only access your websites in devices that have security programs to prevent cyberattacks through malware infection. Make sure you are cautious about using public networks to connect these devices to log in to your ecommerce website.

One of the best ways to defend yourself is using A VPN, masking your IP address so they won’t be able to track you online. There are a lot of VPN services available, do your research to find the best for you.

Do Not Forget to Use Safe Plug-ins

Because of the stockpile of compatibility complications of hosting platforms, no platform is the ideal one for any online user. If your website depends on WordPress, we recommend you to check out WordFence. If you’re involved in a local ecommerce community, ask the veterans for website security advice.

Your job is to identify if the plugins and tools your website is using are really harmful to its security. A lot of ‘security’ apps are basically camouflaged malware, created to access your website through the backdoor, leaving the data of your customer impotent to online attacks. Just a general rule, prevent adding apps and plugins that you aren’t required to pay for.


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Hacks to Make Your Pet Internet-Famous


Like human beings, for a pet to be famous on the Internet doesn’t just happen overnight. Here are some great ways to make your pet internet-famous. It may take a while, but it will work.

Make an Independent Account for Your Pet

On Instagram alone, a lot of famous pets were from the posts of their owner’s profile. However, these pet owners do not know that not all people are as excited about you constantly posting photos or videos of your pet. So to prevent from getting more dislikes instead of likes, create a separate account for him or her. You might not know, your pet can be 50x more popular than you are. People make these separate accounts so their followers will exactly know what they expect. Arguably, there are more users who prefer the furry versions compared to the redundant human equivalent.

Make Your Pet Stand Out From the Crowd

Each our pet is unique, this is why it is not difficult for us to love them. But, how do we make other people love your pet as well? I’m telling you, it is definitely difficult.

For example, you own a dog that can sit still while you take a hundred of photos of him. You could think that it’s amazing that your dog can do that. But as you browse Instagram photos of dogs, you’ll see that they can do it as well. Worse, they can do better than your dog. Being unique is more than just being able to sit still for a photo. You can see that most of the famous dogs have unique abilities, such as balancing more than 2 tempting delicious goodies on their head, dancing to the latest songs, and say “I love you.” There are also dog Videos that can make your day.

Capture Clear, Quality Photos of Your Pet

You may say “, Oh, that’s easy!” but it’s not. There are literally thousands of blurry and pixilated photos floating in the clouds of the Internet. The more frequent you take photos in the natural daylight, the better. There are people who prefer taking photos of their pets after a tiring playtime session. Some take photos while playing, where they’re active and happy. Pet owners want to relate to your posts. Don’t just take a miserable photo of your dog sitting down, the moment can be as cute as your dog cuddling with your pet cat.

Keeping your pets  healthy

Of course, We need to make sure that they are always healthy and not just focusing how to make them famous. A pet that is healthy and happy will be more famous because they are lively and active. This also includes keeping your pets healthy; like providing them the proper nutrition by giving vitamins like glucosamine chondroitin supplements

Knowing the right food to give them

The next thing to do is to know what kind of food is the best for them. I know, I have mentioned being healthy above. But come to think of it, How can you keep your dog healthy if you are not sure what kind of food will you give them. Can they eat anything? Of course, the answer is no. Like a human, they do have their own kind of healthy food. So better start asking yourself, Is it okay feeding your dog cinnamon or cashew?

Make Sure Your Pet is Always Having Fun

The most typical tip of pet owners who have online accounts of their pets is to make sure that your pet is having fun and being kept safe all the time. Your cat, dog, rabbit, turtle or whatever kind of pet you have should not suffer for popularity. This means the things you use, and the places you go should be always friendly. DO NOT capture photos of your pet in dangerous locations. And if you’re playing dress up with your pet, make sure he’s always comfortable with it. Added to that, your pet shouldn’t be uncomfortable with your camera’s flash, therefore make sure to avoid using it, and use natural light instead.


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Human Error: Convertkit, Active Campaign, and Hacking

Website creation is a popular activity on the web. As a lot more people find the many possibilities of having their very own web site, more of those pages are being created on the web. It’s necessary that an internet site is created in more than merely a manner that’s attractive to visitors. There are various people who really spend a lot of their time hacking numerous web sites online. Web site hackers use several types of computer programming languages so as to break the security on web sites on the web. The most famous computer programming language that may be invaded is which uses XXS.

That’s a cross scripting kind of computer language that’s normally used to cross sites. When creating your on-line website, it is necessary that you ensure that all fields along with other areas of the web site are properly shielded from the prospective hacker. Many web site owners possess a special region on their site where they try to collect personal information from the visitors. This might include gathering an e-mail address, an address, along with other types of information. It’s essential that this part of the web site is properly protected from hackers. Not only can this kind of hacking jeopardize your web site, however it may also jeopardize the personal info that your visitors enter on the web site.

It’s essential for you to ensure that this part of the site is properly encrypted by HTML. Many web site hackers participate in a practice which is generally referred to as Google Hacking. People who use this kind of hacking frequently attempt to discover details about a certain web site that’s listed on Google by looking for info that’s typically considered to be unauthorized. They’ll attempt to retrieve info that pertains to the following tools which are frequently utilized by web site owners. This info, when in the wrong hands, can in fact jeopardize your website. Numerous kinds of files which are listed on the website.

Many web site owners create their web site so that they can access the info across many platforms. This could prove to be a danger with regards to web site hackers. Through the use of Google hacking techniques, the pages which are on the website may be readily hacked since the pages are often accessible for editing functions. If a hacker accesses this info, they may do practically anything to your web site pages. This is particularly true if the hacker places info on your web site that may hurt your reputation.

One of the best ways to protect against this is to use the right software on your website. If you are a marketer, for example, you want to be sure that you are using marketing automation software to its full advantage. There is no point in investing in an expensive piece of software only to find that you aren’t able to use it for one reason or another.

For example, we were running Convertkit for a period of time in order to send email newsletters to readers of this website. However, we discovered a vulnerability that might be hard for you to believe- an incorrectly stored password. That’s right. For all the protections that Convertkit has built into it, we ended up making the simple mistake of storing a password in plain text. Duh!

Of course, that’s not the only mistake we made. The other big one was being on Convertkit when really we would have been better suited to using Active Campaign. We love Active Campaign’s form builder and really should have been using it this whole time. What ended up selling us on the software however, was that it allows for automation that fit our needs perfectly. Once we discovered exactly how much we could automate there was no looking back!


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